So Close To Summer!!!!

Hawk Collective,

Without a doubt, this has been one of our most successful school years. That is due to the hard work and dedication of our students and mentors. We have had a lot of success this year, and we plan on continuing this hard work over the Summer and next school year. The meeting schedule is below.

  • Thursday May 25th – Meeting (Until 5:30)
  • Thursday June 1st – Meeting (Until 5:30)
  • Thursday June 8th – Meeting (until 5:30)

We do not currently have a Summer schedule, but I will be meeting with the other mentors to come up with one. We have to figure out who will be gone for vacation and when we will be able to meet. Once I get one, it will be on the calendar and I will send out a post informing you.

Again, thank you so much for all that you do for our team.


STEM Day & Picnic Info

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Hawk Collective,


I have broken down STEM day into two shifts. We are asking each student to please sign up for at least one shift. If you can stay all day, then please sign up for both. The sign up sheet is located in sign up sheets.

Important Times: 

  • 8:30 – Students arrive, event set up. (Triple Helix is setting up a practice field, they have asked for help)
  • 9:45 – All exhibits must be fully set up
  • 10:00 – Exhibits open
  • 12:00 – Morning Shift Ends/Afternoon Shift Begins
  • 2:00 – Exhibits Closes & Tear Down Begins
  • 2:30ish – Students leave IF everything is cleaned up

Team Picnic:

The picnic is this Sunday. The times are Noon – Sundown. We have invited Royal Robotics and The Middle School to the picnic. We are asking that every member wear their teal shirts. Also, we are asking each member or member’s family to bring a side dish to the picnic. The team is providing hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, and condiments. If you have corn hole boards, frisbees, footballs, etc.. bring that as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to text me at (757) 576-4398.


Team Update 05/09

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Hawk Collective,

This is just a quick team update. Please read below.

  • We will usually be meeting every Thursday until 5:30. We are only staying until 5:00 this Thursday, due to AP testing.
  • Please check the calendar on the website for meetings, events, times, locations, etc… I am going to be working VERY hard on keeping it up to date.
  • We have STEM day on May 20th.
  • Team Picnic is May 21 at Northwest River Park. I will post a map later. Team members are asked to wear their teal shirts. Also, we are asking each family bring a side dish. The team/mentors are providing hamburgers, hotdogs, buns, and condiments.
  • If you have corn hole boards, frisbees, or other outdoor games, please feel free to bring them. We want this to be a fun event.

The teachers are also working on a couple of very exciting projects. We have not been sitting idly since competition. We hope to have some very exciting news to share in the upcoming weeks.


Team Schedule

Hawk Collective,

There has been some confusion about the post season schedule. I apologize for this. The team will be meeting Thursdays from 4-5:30pm, starting next week.

If you have any questions about meetings or outreach times, please check the calendar on the website. It should be 100% accurate. I am also adding the Thursday meetings to the calendar as soon as I send out this message.


Upcoming Events

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Hawk Collective,

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a great Spring Break. Adults, sorry you have to work all year. We have a few upcoming events. Please read below.

Going forward, I will be updating the team calendar on the website regularly. Please check the calendar for locations, times, etc…

  1. Board Game Night April 22 (3:00-8:00pm) – The students have been asking us to do this. Ms. Dortch said she loves the idea and is totally OK with us doing it. I have asked Mr. Carter if the cafeteria is available for us to use THIS SATURDAY, from 3-8 pm. We would like students to bring snacks, drinks, food or other things for us to eat or drink. We will be playing board games and having fun. PLEASE SIGN UP HERE IF YOU ARE COMING TO THE BOARD GAME NIGHT ASAP. We want to make sure we have enough students interested.
  2. Hampton Roads Maker Faire May 6th (10:00am – 4:00pm) We have been asked by one of our mentors to attend the Hampton Roads Maker Faire on this day. It will be at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. We will be accepting volunteers to help us run the table for the team.
  3. STEM Day May 20th – There will be a lot of existing sponsors and potential sponsors. We need people to come and work our table and drive the robot. There will be a sign up page for this event as well. More information to come.
  4. Team Picnic May 21st (Noon-Sunset) The annual team picnic! We will be inviting sponsors, mentors, 8th graders on the FTC team, and Royal Robotics from Churchland High School to come and have a good time. We do ask that every team member’s family bring a side dish. The invitation will be posted to the website very soon. More information to come.

If you have any questions, feel free to text or email me.


District Championship Survey

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If you are not the parent or guardian of a student on The Hawk Collective, please disregard this email.

The mentors have been discussing ways to save money on attending district championships. This biggest two costs are hotel and bus. There been discussion among mentors only, no parents have sent me anything yet, about possibly NOT getting a bus to Richmond on that weekend.

Please take a minute TODAY to complete this three question survey about the trip. This feedback is VERY important to us as we are planning your trip. Even if you are OK paying the full $225 dollars, please fill out the survey.

If you are a student, please make sure your parent or guardian fills this out TODAY, March 22nd!.

Link to the Survey


Portsmouth Districts & District Championship Info!

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We were the 8th ranked team going into the elimination rounds. We ended up the captain of the 5th seeded alliance! We lost in the quarter finals to Royal Robotics from Churchland, but we took home the Excellence in Engineering Award from FIRST!

For those of you who have been involved with this team for a while, you know how huge this is for us. The mentors could not be more proud of the work our students did this year. That leads us to to talk about district championships…


We are currently ranked 36th in the FIRST Chesapeake District. 58 Teams get to attend district championships. There are 77 teams competing this weekend to try to knock us out of our championship spot. We will know Monday if we qualify for championships or not. The second I know, I will put a post out letting you know.

IF we qualify:

There will be a massive scramble to contact all of our sponsors asking for additional funding to attend. We are hoping to at least get the $4,000 registration cost covered through sponsors. If we can get that cost covered by sponsors, it will be approx. $225 per student to attend. That is if we have 20 students going. If we have fewer students, the cost will be higher. We will use every available cent from sponsors to attend this competition. There will be a 5 day period for which payment is due. We will find out monday (3/27), and money will be due by Friday (3/31). I am sorry for this short notice, but this is the only option we have. Districts is April 6-8, so you can imagine the crunch for hotels and busses. There will be NO fundraising for this event, the funds will come from sponsors and payments from parents/families. Again, I apologize for this, but this is the best we can do.

As always, if you have any questions text me!


IMPORTANT Portsmouth Information

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Hawk Collective,

The Churchland competition is this weekend! I only have FIVE students who have turned in permission slips to attend. If a student does not have a permission slip turned in, we will have to ask them to leave the event. It is important that you get those turned in ASAP.

Also, the schedule for the weekend, and the list of available food at the concession stand is attached to the permission slip.

There will also be a sign in/sign out sheet in the stands with one of the teachers or mentors. It is important that students sign in and out when arriving and leaving. We need to know what students are at the event.

If you have any questions, my phone number is on the permission slip.


Schedule For the Next Two Weeks

Hawk Collective,

First, I forgot to mention that Conner Sharp, our safety captain, won the Safety Star Award! The winner of this award is recommended from other teams. It is a huge honor and we are very proud of Conner!

Our Schedule for the next two weeks is below:

Wed March 8th: 4-6 (Middle School Demo from 4-5)
Thur March 9th: 4-6

Monday March 13th: 4-8 (Dinner Provided)
*Thursday March 16th: 4-8 (Dinner Provided)
*Thursday is supposed to be a practice for the drive team/pit crew. As of now, it is NOT a general membership work day. This may change. I will keep you updated.

**Friday March 17th: 6-10pm at Churchland High (Pit Crew, Drive Team, Scouting Team)

I will be making copies of the permission slip for Churchland today. They will be available in Mr. Slater’s, Mr. Douglas’ and my classrooms.


Post Blacksburg Update!

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Hawk Collective,

Blacksburg competition is over! The kids seemed to be having a great time, and their robot performed very well. We had one of the most consistent rope climbing mechanisms at the competition. We had some unlucky alliance selections in the qualifying rounds, and ended up ranking 25th I believe. We were 8th in overall offensive points rating, which allowed us to be chosen for the #5 seed in the tournament on Sunday. We lost in the quarter finals due to only having two robots being able to climb the rope on our alliance. Don’t worry, we made it up the rope!

I would like to thank every group of parents that came out to Blacksburg this weekend. We were blown away by the show of support. I think (Jackie may correct me on this) that we had the parents/guardians for 9 different students show up, and we had 3 different alumni come. We could not do this without you guys and the team mentors were absolutely shocked at how many made that drive.

If you have any pictures from competition, please email them to me at

I will be talking with the other three teachers today and coming up with a firm schedule for the next two weeks before the Churchland competition on March 17-19. This will be an independent transportation event. Meaning students may drive themselves or be dropped off or car pool. There will be a permission form on the website this week, when I put out the schedule. I will also print some out and give them to the other teachers to have in class.

We performed very well this weekend. We are starting to plan our trip to Championships. As of RIGHT NOW we would qualify. There are 3 more weeks of district competitions, so that may change. We hope we will perform in the top 10 in Portsmouth and that will help us get to championships. Should we qualify, we will reach out to our sponsors for some help with attending championships. It is another $4,000 to register, plus hotel and bus to get to Richmond and stay for 2 nights. Whatever the sponsors do not cover, will be divided up per student as a charge. I have absolutely no idea how much this will be, but I will let you know the second I figure it out.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me or text me(757)576-4398.